Image not displaying in PDF generated using the Save as PDF control


I am using K2 Cloud and the SharePoint app the create a pdf from information generated through a K2 workflow and stored in a SP List.  The image that should be included on the pdf using the Save as PDF control is displaying as an empty box.  I have seen discussions around this on K2 Blackpearl and K2 Five, but nothing on how to solve for it on the Cloud service.  Has anyone else entered and solved for this in K2 Cloud?


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In your form, what control are you using to display the images? Picture control? Image attachment control?


Hi - I am using a picture control.


Can you share the settings for your PDF Converter service instance? Have you tried the PDF conversion on another form with picture control? Does the image show up in the PDF?

Where do I find the PDF converter service instance settings?

i found the PDF Converter Service Instance.  I updated serializeResources to True and then warmUpPDFCall to True.  So far so good, the images have rendered correctly on a couple of tests.