How can I check the current version of K2 I am using?

  • 17 December 2020
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Is there a quick can simple way to check the current version of K2 I am using?

We have 3 environments and use Designer, Studio, SmartObjects - Services - Tester and K2 Package and Deployment

3 replies

Hi @mdowney,

On your K2 designer home page you can click the bottom left text:

It should show up here.

If you are using the on-prem version, you can also find it in your control panel, under “uninstall programs” page:

Hope this helps :)


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You can also get the version with an endpoint on the K2-server, https://<k2serverurl>autodiscover/autodiscover

We have made a little application that we run to check all of the servers K2-version that checks this endpoint. We have also add some extra things to this application to check Fixpack, .Net, windows and sql version since we have a lot of development servers to keep track on.

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Hi mdowney,


Kindly type this on your web browser https://<insert K2 site here>/autodiscover/updates



The above will show you on what K2 version you are as well as the FP and CU applied under the tag <UpdateName>


Hope this helps


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