Expression , Function , Advance logical condition in k2 5 workflow

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Does anyone know about k2 5 bleow list of items are availble or not.


1. Expression

2. Custom expression Save as template ( custom function)

3. Inline rule how to inmplement Advance rule like 

    if ( Name= 'A' and Age=20)

      Then go to next  


   I mean in line rule And & OR condition in if else rule .


 I dont see this fearture at the moment . So looking for any expert help.




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Please see below article for expressions in k2 FIVE


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Also see this addition documentation

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Thanks for your response , Problem is both shared URL is related to k2 Form not workflow. 

I am specially looking this functionality in k2 5 workflow and it was before . 



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please see below documentation with rule designer.


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Do we have Custom expression in k2 as legacy k2 studio ?



The IF inline function that was available in the legacy workflow designer is on the feature backlog to be released in the new  workflow designer later this year. There will also be a new Condition function that you can use in replacement of the Expression inline function for doing inline logical statements. The Mathematical portion of the Expression inline function has already been released as the Formula function. 


I hope this helps.

Hello, We have an exisitng functionality based on prev version of k2 studio or K2 for VS to use function and expression . 


That we are not able to see in k2- 5 how to create function. So is there any way ?



Since this reply was post back in May and it is now October, could we please have an update on when we will have the ability to use an IF/THEN function to set data in a workflow? I'm tired of creating bloated workflows in order to update data.

Here's a (simplifed) example:

Old Way -

  1. Get data from SO1,
  2. Update SO2
    • Field1 = If(x<>y, value1, value2),
    • Field2 = If(a="blue", value3, value4))

New Bloated Way -

  1. Get data from SO1,
  2. Decision Step
    • Path1 (x<>y), Update SO2 (Field1=Value1)
    • Path2 (x=y), Update SO2 (Field1= value2)
  3. Decision Step
    • Path1 (A="blue"), Update SO2 (Field2=value3)
    • Path2 (A<>"blue'), Update SO2 (Field2=value4)

PS - If anyone has figured out a better way to do this, please let me know.

The plan at the beginning of the year was to have the IF function done for K2 Cloud Update 6/ K2 Five 5.2 however we ended up pulling in a heavily requested feature to add an HTML edit mode to email notifications which pushed out the Inline IF functon. Work is begining next week on the inline IF feature which will ship with K2 Cloud Update 7 and will be available on prem in K2 Five 5.3.

So, we just upgraded to 5.2 this week...I'm starting to re-build my first workflow from the legacy system, and I run into this.  


I would love to be a fly on the wall at one of your planning meetings.....


"Do you think that our customers use "if/then" statements in their workflows?"


"Hmmmm...not sure..."


"Let's just go ahead and take it'll probably be okay..."


"Yea, sounds great!"



I don't understand how you can release a workflow builder with a bunch of new features, but not be able to replicate all the existing functionality of what it replaced.  


I'm really hoping this is in 5.3.


Looking at the 5.3 release notes, it does seem to be in there.