Copying a Service Instance/Smart Object between servers?

  • 21 January 2020
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We build solutions on a test server and then use package and deploy to copy to the live server.


However I have created two new service instances and related SO on test that are preventing a deployment as they are missing on live server.


Is there a way to copy/migrate these onto the live server or do we have to build them all together from scratch on the live server.

I saw an article about a 'broker tool' but that suggested it was used to register a new one, it didnt suggest we can copy :-(


Is there a tool that will do this?




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You would need to create the service instances manually in the live enviornment before you do your first deployment.  Make sure the system name and the GUID (not sure if GUID is required anymore but it used to be) of the service instances are the same as on your test server.  This is a one time setup of the service instances in a new enviornment.  After that you should be able to deploy that package and any future packages that utilizes that service instance.  It may be that you'll need to refresh your service instance if you add additional properties or such to your custom service instance but you should never have to recreate it.


Hope that helps.


Thanks for the confirmation Tim :-)


Might pop it on the Dev requests list too :-)