Assign Task to multiple users with same security label

Hello, i have a problem how to set every user assigned to a task with the same security label


i have a smartobject that return list of user to be assigned to a task (User1;User2;User3), by using the split and join function i managed to separate them when the workflow starts and it correctly assign the task to the user. However the security label only match for the 1st user, the 2nd user got the default security label. Screenshoot is attached.


Is it possible to give the 2nd user and forth the same security label without changing the return value of the smartobject? since doing this would cause error to everything that use this SMO.





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I would recommend changing the return value you are using. In the UM User SmartObject we can return the FQN of the user which will include the Security Label. 

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I also think this is the only applicable solution, However this will change everything that uses the same smartobject which is what i want to avoid. Thanks for the suggestion regardless.