Adding new environment variable not displaying in Designer

  • 7 October 2020
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Hello community,


Has anyone experienced this error or issue before, I am currently trying to add a new Environment Variable to my default library(Variable1). After adding the new variable, when I open my existing workflow that requires Variable1, I open the Context Browser to the right, expand Environment Fields and do not see my newly added Variable1. 


Can someone explain to me why that is or if there is a way to force refresh the Environment Fields values in the K2 Designers Context Browser? I’ve already tried restarting the K2 Service but that did not make the new variable appear.


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3 replies

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Try adding the variable to the String Table section in K2 Management

The variable is now present, I added it back at 2020-10-07 13:08:29.047. I’d say there must be a service or refresh that happens every hour or so maybe? If anyone knows of this synchronization service please let me know.

An additional consideration. If you ever plan on going to the cloud, custom Env vars can’t be udpated. I converted mine to a database table and access them with a SmartObject.