Decision Loop Limitations

  • 3 November 2022
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I have read this post that describes how decision loops to activities in the same process are not supported by design. 
However this means that simple processes are being broken into different 'sub processes' to work around this limitation - making the simple process fractured and harder to understand a loop is generally a simple one step reiteration until the process can continue forward.

I assume this is a technical driven decision, are there any plans to revisit this? I am trying to look to document our business processes but this omission becomes problematic.

What other suggested workarounds are there that no not require simple processes to be split across multiples and loses the simplistic visual of the process.

Examples - a weekly meeting to review testing, the output is either testing is resolved and the process continues or further testing is required and the loop moves back to the prior activity. Or an approval step that may require rework and resubmission etc...

Many thanks


1 reply



I believe the referenced documentation is specific to Promapp. When you are actually implementing the solution on Nintex Workflow Cloud you can use state machine ("Branch by Stage" workflow step) to switch back and forth between different workflow paths. 

1. Use a Branch by Stage step and add your Testing Review and Rework Paths

2. If Resolved is the outcome of the task, continue execution

3. If Rework is necessary, use the "Change Stage" step of the workflow to jump into the rework path.

4. On rework if resubmission is needed, you can use again "Change Stage" step to go back to the "Testing Review task"

I've put an example together, please see the below screenshot

Hope this helps!