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  • 14 March 2017
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The client was unable to open a viewflow from a List view.



We found that some of the urls used in the production environment was pointing to an inaccessible url and the user were unable to connect to any forms or views.



In the meeting, we found that some of the claims table values were pointing to the incorrect urls and was redirecting the client to an STS page that was not accessible from their side.
We firstly needed to rectify the windows sts claims url in the
Claim Issuer table as the windows sts RI was pointing to an invalid url.
We then rectified the urls in the Claim Audience table as the view flow urls were incorrect.
We had to add an entry in the claim realm table to link the windows sts to the correct real.
We then Rectified the entries in the Claim Realm table as the view flow url was incorrect.
We also needed to change the view flow redirect in the web.config of the view flow directory.
We then lastly rectified the way the url is created in the list vie expression to gather the correct environmental url.


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