Upgrading K2 to a newer version and moving K2 database to new SQL server at the same time


In certain scenarios it may be necessary to move K2 database onto new SQL Server while performing upgrade of K2 to a newer version. This article describes outline of the steps you have to perform in such scenario.


Scenario: You are running K2 4.5 and K2 databases are hosted on SQL Server 2005 which cannot be upgraded to a newer version. As you upgrade to 4.6.11 you have to move your K2 databased onto new SQL Server instance as 4.6.11 does not support SQL Server 2005 and requires SQL Server 2008 as a minimum (http://help.k2.com/blackpearl/support-matrix_SQLServer).

In this scenario you have to perform the following steps:
1. Backup your existing 4.5 K2 databases and restore them onto new SQL server.
2. Rebuild SCSSO Keys on migrated K2 databases as described here: http://community.k2.com/t5/K2-blackpearl/Database-Key-error/ta-p/90663
3. Run K2 4.5 Setup Manager and perform reconfiguration of K2 in order to point it to the new SQL Server with restored 4.5 K2 databases, which will be picked up and "updated" by installer.
4. Make sure that K2 reconfiguration is completed successfully without warnings/errors and test that K2 4.5 works correctly after move of databases onto new SQL server.
5. Raise K2 databases compatibility level to SQL 2008 as SQL 2005 is not supported by K2 4.6.11 and this potentially may lead to failure of some SQL scripts which are being run by K2 4.6.11 installer during upgrade.
6. Run upgrade to 4.6.11


See Diagnosis section for outline of the steps which are necessary for scenario when you are upgrading K2 to a newer version and moving K2 database to new SQL server at the same time.

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