Troubleshooting common email errors

  • 22 September 2020
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Generally, when you run into email related errors, there are some questions that you need to ask and a few places you need to check:




1. Are you not receiving emails from:

    • A task email notification?
    • An email from a 'Send Email' step?
    • Both task and emails from a 'Send Email' step?

2. Do you receive workflow errors? Or do the workflows complete but the issue is that the emails never get received?  




3. Common areas to check on the K2 Environment


      a. K2Hostserver.config.exe


      b. ConnectionStringEditor


      c. From Address




a. K2Hostserver.config.exe




Located at: K2 Install pathHost ServerBin




What to check:


- Value of "system self =". Check whether the value of system self is correct. 




- Value of 'sendmailfrom'. Check whether the value in quotes is the correct email, e.g. sendmailfrom = ""




b. ConnectionStringEditor




Located at: K2 Install pathHost ServerBin




What to check: Check whether the values are correct. Make sure to expand the right panel so that you can verify all the information there.




Example of what you will see when you open the ConnectionStringEditor.exe:






c. From Address




Located at:

    • K2 Management > Environment Library >  Development/Production
    • K2 Management > Workflow Server > String Table > Default/Development



What to check: Are the From Addresses correct? If there is a typo or the email used is totally different, an error will be encountered.




Example of what you will see in the Environment Library:12235i43F034A4B61F5F6E.png



Below are some of the common errors you might encounter in the HostServer logs:


    1. "Permanent failure sending message (Task Name): System.Exception: No destinations could send the message (Task Name)"

    • To resolve this error, check the value of system self. It should be in the domainuser format, e.g. "system self = K2:DENALLIXBob" and not an email address.

          You could also check on whether the Mail Server is set as default in Management > Environment library.




      2."The Exchange server is unavailable. Attempting to retry". 



    • To resolve this error, expand the right panel to view all the values in the ConnectionStringEditor.exe Make sure that the password field, URL field and user ID field are correct.  



      3. SMTP mail send failure: Verify the SMTP connection strings are correct and that SMTP is working properly.                        Exception: A recipient must be specified."



    • To resolve this error, confirm that the email address of the recipient in the email event isn't empty and confirm that the SMTP connection strings (in ConnectionStringEditor) are correct.

      4. Permanent failure sending message ClientEvent Notification: System.FormatException: The specified                                string is not in the form required for an e-mail address.



    • To resolve this error, check whether the value of system self to see if it is in the correct format.
      Also, check the [Identity].[Identity] table, to see if the destination user has an Email property.
Useful tools



Finally, there are also 2 nifty tools that help to test the connection between SMTP/EWS and the K2 server.




They are the SMTP tester tool and the Test E-mail AutoConfiguration Tool. 


To use the Test E-mail AutoConfiguration Tool:



    • While Outlook is running, hold down the CTRL key, right-click the Outlook icon in your system tray or notification area (lower right corner of computer screen), and then select Test E-mail AutoConfiguration.
    • Enter your email address and password.
    • Clear the checkboxes next to Use Guessmart and Secure Guessmart Authentication. Make sure that Use AutoDiscover is selected.
    • Click the Test button.


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