Smart Actions - User Friendly Updating of Body of Email

  • 28 April 2015
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Smart Actions - User Friendly Updating of Body of Email


Currently, the Smart Actions emails are configured inside the workflow. Developers have to code it at this time and anytime the business wants a change to the email verbiage, they have to wait on development, QA testing, etc to deploy a new workflow with the change. Is there any other way the users can configure their emails without having to go through a coding change.


I can think of a few approaches here to doing this. Internally, for the emails generated by our support ticket system (likley the email you are reading now), we have externalized the format of the email into an assembly. This is probably not the best approach for your situation as we're looking for a no code approach that doesn't require development expertise, but it is an option.

The other option, would be to load the body of the email via a smartobject. Your email body would consist of the returned result of a load method on the smartobject in question, and from there, you'd be able to modify the HTML document behind the email, without altering the workflow.

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