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  • 16 March 2016
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Customer is trying to add a service method link to join two service objects. The ID is auto generated by one system and the other system uses that ID, but it is a text field. How can I join those two service objects. K2 Studio gives me the following error. Cannot link a Autonumber property (LocationCode) to a Text property (Location Code).


Customer was using K2 Studio to create a composite Smart Object using the wizard. That wizard does not show the Function Browser (Fx) that would contain the tool that converts data types. Support reproduced the scenario and verified that the composite smart object wizard will not allow you to access the Function (Fx) browser - so this is normal operation and not an error.


One alternative was offered to change the data fields to the same type but the customer indicated this would be very difficult.

Remote Services were recommended to assist the customer in building what he needs and he asked that the ticket be forwarded to them.


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