Previous values in conditional workflow start

  • 21 March 2017
  • 2 replies

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What do "Previous Values" mean for a field? is it the value before the item is modified? and should be used in comparing to conditionally start a workflow? Please help. the documentation is not so clear about these values.


2 replies

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I'm a noobie as well.  And I agree about the Help documentation...very "encyclopedic" in nature.

I have used the previous and compared against the "current" to restart a workflow.  So the comparison would be:

some_field (previous value) not equal to some_field.  (Be sure to check the "compare to field" box.)  This allowed my workflow to restart when the item was modified and saved.

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Yes, you are right. Previous Value means the value of the field BEFORE the form current submit.

It can be used for conditional start of the workflow, in scenarios like 'to trigger workflow when a particular field value changed' etc.