P&D Error: Referencing the ListSetting that could not be found

  • 11 October 2018
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The error message "[SharePoint Instance] ServiceObject is referencing the 'ListSetting' ListSetting that could not be found" is displayed when attempting to create a new package.


The SharePoint list was renamed .  All SmartObjects and the solution operate normally at runtime.  There are no error badges in the SmartForms Designer. 


If possible, revert back to the original SharePoint list name.

If you cannot revert to the original name:

1.  Locate the SharePoint list(s) associated with the error.

2.  Go to the K2 settings page for the list.

3.  Delete all existing SmartObjects.

4.  Regenerate the SmartObjects using the K2 list settings page.

5.  Create the package.  The original error is gone, but any views/forms that reference the original SmartObjects show an error in P&D.  "Form [name] is referencing SmartObject Property [name] on SmartObject Unknown."

6.  Use the designer to edit each affected view and form.  No error badges will appear.

7.  View each rule shown in the P&D error details.  NO CHANGES ARE RQUIRED.

8.  Simply viewing the rules reconnects them with the right SmartObject name.

9.  Save the form/view and check-in each item.

10.  You should now be able to create the P&D package.


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