Outlook Integrated Ticket Tracker Demo

  • 10 October 2009
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This is a Ticket System demo that uses an outlook addin to kick off a K2 process for a particular email and then all addidional emails in that thread will be monitored and update a sharepoint list. There is a video of the demo in the zip file as well as the K2 solution and the code for the outlook addin.

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Nice demo, any idea how I can track an email thread from a k2 generated mail

Any ideas on how you would go about tracking an email thread when the initial mail was generated from a k2.net process. 

The only problem is that my subject is not unique and I preferably do not want to write code for exchange events. 

I was thinking of maybe adding a unique identifier to the from address.  This way I can track this in an outlook plugin, similar to the way you tracked the topic property.

I think this can work but I am looking for something a bit more safe, since users can change the from address.