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NAB K2 Synergy Enterprise Broker



This broker is design to allow access to provide connectivity Exact Synergy Enterprise�.  This broker will provide CRUD+L (Create, Read, Update, Delete, plus List) access to any objects with the Synergy Enterprise repository that are accessible via Web Services.


General Features


  • Access to all Web Service enabled entities in Synergy Enterprise repository
  • Create and Update will only pass, and will only therefore update, the values passed in from K2
  • Security shift certain operations to a single credential, such as ServiceAccount, to provide access to methods user may not have access to.



  • For this service broker to properly function the following must be met:


  • Exact Synergy Enterprise version 452 or higher
  • Synergy virtual directory that is configured for Window Authentication (Form Authentication on the Synergy instance is not supported)
  • SSL Certificate is STRONGLY SUGGESTED (yes even for internal traffic)


Please see documentation and source in attached or on CodePlex at address above.

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