Multiple K2 Smartforms Applications


Multiple K2 Smartforms Applications


We are planning on deploying our second K2 Smartforms application to our production environment.

Let's say I have two applications:
Application 1 (Already exists)
Application 2 (new application)

If we run the K2 Package and Deployment tool and deploy Application 2, do we need to announce downtime to our users for Application 1? These applications are independent, so my assumption is this is not required.

The real question here is: Does the K2 Package and Deployment process impact other existing K2 Smartforms applications on the same server?


From the scenario you have described, the soon to be deployed items will not interfere with the already deployed items. So the answer to your question is no, deploying application 2 as long as there are no shared resources will have no impact on application 1's existing or new process instances.

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