ListSetting That could not be found error when using PandD MMC across sharepoint sites.

  • 30 January 2017
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We are trying to package our PROD solution.

We are getting issues like this in the package and deployment tool ? which indicates there are probably orphan entries left in the K2 database for the ListSettings properties.
We need assistance as to which tables in K2 database would have these SharePoint references.

Error messages:
'Change Request Attachments List' View is referencing the 'ListSetting' ListSetting that could not be found.

'Change Request Attachments List' View is referencing the 'SiteURL: http://[SITE A]' property on the 'ListSetting' ListSetting that could not be found.


This solution originally existed on a separate sharepoint site http://[SITE A]. It was packaged via MMC and then the site was deleted. We then deployed this package onto a new site http://[SITE B] once again with MMC.

Now that we are trying to package from Site B we see that we are getting errors with list settings and an incorrect Site URL. We examined the xml of a view that was throwing these errors in PandD, specifically the "Discussion View". Within our xml we saw properties of the form that referenced the old site A.

We then found that there was also an entry in the Form.Control table for our sharepoint list based views that were generated by K2.


There was a value within the Form.Control table that controls the properties given to the views within their xml. This is the main source of where these values for site URL and list ID are set.

K2 Support recommends that if we are doing PandD related to SharePoint integrated applications we should utilize the PandD via the sharepoint UI in order to accomplish this. This should properly map our views and forms with the correct data even when we are going across sites.

If deployment via the SharePoint UI is not possible please submit a ticket with K2 Support to have them assist you in resolving this error via PandD MMC and updating the database. Changes made to the K2 DB while not under the supervision of K2 can invalidate your support agreement.

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