K2 integration with Visual Studio 2010 fails - right-click on canvas doesn't include K2 options

  • 28 September 2015
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When right-clicking on the canvas in Visual Studio 2013, for example on a SmartObject to "Exclude from Build" or "Include in Build" then the option is not available, meaning the integration with K2 failed somehow / is broken.


Unfortunately performing the Repair operation for K2 for Visual Studio 2010 as described in K2 documentation did not work:


The following was also tried in an elevated command prompt but did not solve the issue:

devenv.exe /resetuserdata
devenv.exe /resetsettings
devenv.exe /setup
Visual Studio 2010 repair.

Please note this is one server with K2 and Visual Studio installed where all users remote desktop into and work on their developments.


To resolve this, the following steps were executed:

- Launch Visual Studio Command Prompt with elevated privileges
- Run the command "devenv.exe /resetuserdata"
- Launch K2 Blackpearl Setup Manager from Start Menu
- Select Modify
- Remove the Visual Studio Client Components from the server
- Launch K2 Blackpearl Setup Manager from Installation Media (setup.exe)
- Select Modify
- Install Visual Studio Client Components again

At this stage the Visual Studio components should have been fully functioning again, however we did experience some difficulty starting the K2 service at this stage, mainly because it was pointing to the wrong SQL server and database.

To resolve that, we launched the K2 Blackpearl Setup Manager from the Start Menu again and selected Configuration and ran through the steps, making sure we selected the correct SQL server and K2 DB at the appropriate step.


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