July 2017 Mission - Fix it and run!

Hi all and welcome to a new Community Mission!

In this mission you don't have to build a form, you don't have to build a workflow so..what you are requested to do?

Just a simple fix on an existing workflow that currently has some issues..attached to this post you can find all you need for your environment (there is a zip file for who is on O365 and one for on-premises).

You just need to have Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms installed and then you can start setting up your personal playground.

How to setup the scenario:

  1. Import the three list templates that are in the zip (they template are for an English website)
  2. Create a list for each template (you should use template name as list name)
  3. In list "CommunityMissionDestination" you have to create a lookup column based on the settings shown in LookupConfiguration.png (the image is in the zip)
  4. In list "CommunityMissionSource" you have to import the Nintex Forms available in the zip and publish it
  5. In list "CommunityMissionSource" you have to import the workflow (for O365 users, remember to fill last action with valid credential) and publish it.

Now, what the workflow should do? Every time a new item is added in the CommunityMissionSource list, it should check the repeating section that is present in the form and create one item for each row in the CommunityMissionDestination list. That's all? Not exactly.. last requirement is that for item in CommunityMissionDestination, "Type 1" value in the lookup field should always be selected, even if it wasn't selected by the user in source item.

Once you've fixed the workflow, post your exported workflow as a document in the Nintex Gallery briefly explaining what you did! (Visit the space, click "actions" and then select "document" from the dropdown. You'll see a place to attach your file in the editor.)  Reply below with a link to it.

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For your repair skills, you'll earn this badge and 100 points..good luck!

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One missing thing: please post here a link to your document so it's easier for us to review your solution!

Hi ‌,

thanks for the mission. I submitted my approach in the gallery:  

Best regards


Find my solution in the gallery:  

Got really frustrated at one point, but ultimately loved it - thanks Giacomo Gelosi‌:  https://community.nintex.com/docs/DOC-6435-cassy-freeman-july-2017-mission-fix-it-and-run

here are my findings and approach  

For a small workflow, that was tricky!  Thanks Giacomo Gelosi‌!  Here's how I addressed it. 

Did anyone do this for Office 365...I was a little to the show as I just started on this yesterday, thinking it wouldn't me long, but the way the Look Up Collection come back is really screwy..IMO. I get this returned in the XML when //Items/Lookup Node.

Lookup Collection....["2;#;#4;#","3;#"]


Hi all again!!

I hope that you liked the mission...

For what I've seen, you all have been quite good at finding the "bug" I've put in the workflow..all of you who has answerd have found the following issues:

  • Original XML read from the repeating section was encoded (mention to Chris Ben‌ who has done this in a slightly different solution, saving the xml in a field and retrieving data from it)
  • Added the automatic start
  • Fixed the syntax in the create item in order to write the lookup field

Last point, that unfortunately some of you hasn't found (correct me if I'm wrong!) is tied to the date field in the new list, because in my workflow I was using a date variable different from the one where I store the value in the collection operation..

Because of last small error, winners of this mission are:

Congrats to them and thanks again to all who partecipated in the mission!!

Note: the error stated above are the one for the on-premises version of the workflow..O365 version had the following errors:

  • Repeating section name is wrong
  • Automatic start is missing
  • Lookup field should be manipulated in order to remove ;# from the result
  • Date variable should be converted to ISO formatted in Create List Item action

Hi ‌,

yes, that's the result of the lookup node and, in my mission, you had to replace ;#;# with just ; and simple ;# with blank, in order to get something like 2;4 or 3.. O365 wants ID semicolon separated in order to set a lookup field..


Dang. I was so close, I was getting hung on this, I should have posted my 95% solution because I did have all the rest figured out for the O365 solution, just got hung on the Look up Collection and just didn't see the pattern to do the replace. This was a fun challenge thanks