Job Queue... A Hidden Gem

  • 10 November 2023
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What is the Job Queue?
The Job Queue allows users to view the status of DDPs ran via Mass, Apex, or Workflow (Automated DDPs) for up to seven days. When you run a DDP with a button click you have visibility to the process bar and will be presented with an error if the document generation process is unable to complete. Since Mass, Apex, and Workflow run in the background and often on multiple records at once, an error message will not be presented if the document generation process is unsuccessful. However, this information is available to you within the Job Queue page.

The Job Queue contains important details such as:

  • Date: the date the DDPs were ran
  • Total Jobs: total of number of DDPs ran on that particular date
  • Pending: the number of DDPs still processing
  • Errors: the number of DDPs that received an error

Example: You will see DDPs were ran on a total of 4 records on a certain date. Of these 4 records, document creation is still pending for 2 records and 1 record received an error.

How do I get additional information about the error?
In order to troubleshoot the error you can click the [show details] link in the Errors column. Once this link is clicked you are provided with additional details regarding the error including:

  • Date and time the error occurred
  • Record Id of the record receiving the error
  • Error Id
  • Error Message

How do I view the Job Queue?
To view the Job Queue simply click on the DDP Admin tab then click the blue Job Queue button.

Why am I receiving an error when I try to access the Job Queue?

Access to the Job Queue requires special permissions and you may need to ask your Salesforce System Administrator for assistance. To provide access to this page to go to Setup | Custom Settings | Drawloop Document Generation Settings | Manage.

Once you are on the Manage page click the 'New' button at the bottom of the page.
You can then give access by Profile and/or User. Be sure to check-mark the 'Job Queue Status Enabled' check-box.

Need further assistance enabling the Job Queue? View this video.

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