I am getting error like \task is locked by a running workflow and cannot be edited\" when using run parallel actions"

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Hi All,

I am using "run parallel" action of Nintex Workflow.

On the left branch I am assigning flexi task and on the right branch I am updating that task using "Update multiple item" action.

Everything working fine but when approves try to approve this it gets error message "task is locked by a running workflow and cannot be edited"

Can anyone please suggest a me workaround?

Thanks in advance.

Yogesh Patel

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Hello Yogesh,

What information you are filling in update items action, in case if you would like to update any relative info of approval process can you use wait until action. Use some id for approval process, and wait until the the task with that id is completed.

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Hi Soni,

I am updating few fields of "Workflow task" list using update item action so that approves can see those fields in pending task dashboard.

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Ok, then can you use Wait Until action before flexi task? Wait Until fields (what you are updating in update item action) are updated. Then Flexi task will be triggered.

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But my task item is generated (created in workflow task list) only when I assign flexi task.

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I'm so sorry for missing this point! So what exactly you are trying to update in the task list? Can you place this information out side of task list?

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So I have added three fields (Review Type, Project Stage & Initiator Comment) in workflow task list so the approves can see these field in pending workflow task dashboard. So am updating these fields using run parallel action.

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Hey Yogesh,

Can you try replacing asign flexi task action with assign to do task? I had tried this kind of example in my environment, and task doesn't get blocked by other actions in the parallel branch. If possible give it a try.

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Have you created a workflow in the Workflow Task list and configured it so that it starts each time a task is created and/or each time a task is modified?

I ask you this question because workflows configured like this can cause this kind of error...

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No, I have created workflow on custom list and from that workflow I am updating workflow task list.

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Thanks Soni. I will check and get back to you.