How to recover K2 after a disaster

  • 18 September 2020
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A company recently lost its K2 App server and related SQL server due to a ransomware attack. Although they had backups for both servers, they could not trust those backups. Luckily, the individual database backups were acceptable.

K2 Stores the majority of system settings in the SQL database, so if you have the DB available, then you are almost home free.


Here are the steps to recover from such a disaster:


Step1: Prepare

SQL Server Setup

  • Build a new SQL server that matches the hardware and software prerequisites

  • Restore K2 database and any app specific databases

  • Make sure the correct accounts are setup and have the needed privileges. For example:

    • The installation account must have dbcreator and securityadmin privileges

    • The K2 Service Account must be a db_owner.

Build the app server

Run the K2 setup

Verify your K2 Installation

After completing the K2 setup, it is a good idea to verify your installation.

First, run the Config analysis tool to verify that all the required components are set up properly.

Then, test the various K2 sites and functions:

  • The Management Site: Can you view the existing instances and tasks?

  • The Designer site: Can you view the various K2 objects and edit their design?

  • The Workspace: Can you view tasks and reports?

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