How to get the form data for an item

  • 22 February 2017
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Where is the xml (form data) file stored for an item.

The situation is , I have many records and one of the control in the form was not connected to a field. Now I need to get that control data without opening each from.

How can I loop through the form data of all the items? The list workflow can only get the form data for a single item.

Any idea?

9 replies

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Hi Sojan,

               I'm not getting your scenario exactly. You can have a loot at this,. Getting XML Data From a SharePoint List – The Easy Way | Kirk Evans Blog  


Bashya Rajan

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thanks, But I don't want the list data, what is I need the nintex form data for an item.

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      I understand the data available in the form would be saved in the list once submitted.

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Hello there!

So this is something I have experienced myself, recently. 

You need to get "Form Data" -- you'll see it's an Item Property. It's stored as an XML block, so if you use the "Query XML" action, you'll be able to get what you need out of it. This'll be done in your list workflow.

Some things, though... 

  • If you need to get data out of a repeating section, there's another part to go through first, detailed here: Nintex Forms/Workflow - Parsing Repeating Section Data - Vadim Tabakman 
  • If you aren't sure how to parse XML through the Query, don't let it intimidate you -  if it's one item (and no repeating section), it's just //Items/Item/nameoffieldyouarelookingat with Xpath as the process mode.

For the second part, which is to update all of those items... here's how I did it:

  • I made a site workflow
  • I did a "Query List" on the list I needed to update
  • If you have a specific piece of data (ie "if field X is empty", you can use that to filter - if not, you can create a column and put a 1 in it and pick that up as a trigger.) Put all that data in a collection.
  • Create a loop to look at each list item in the collection. Have it looking at a variable called numIndex that you default to 0, and have it due to stop when numIndex is equal to the number of IDs in the collection.
  • Trigger the updating workflow (I used a web service call to do this) to run on that item ID.
  • Increase your index by one.
  • If you're using a trigger, update the trigger (ie to 0 if you were using 1, so it doesn't get picked up again.)

Let me know if you have questions. Not sure what you're familiar with!


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I know i can take it from a single item using list workflow, but I want loop through all the list item and get the form data to extract a control value and update the list item.

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Yes, that's what the second part is - it calls the first workflow (the list workflow) on each ID that you pull into the collection. Then, it runs the workflow on each of them and gets the data out.

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Using Nintex Workflow for Office 365, I can't see FormData in the Item Properties from the query XML. 

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I believe for you it is something like NF Form Data

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Hi rhia Rookie, thank you for this great article. I’m currently facing the same issue with Sharepoint on Prem and Nintex 2019. 

I have a form with a not connected repeated section. Could you please give me more details on your site and list workflow? Maybe some screen shots? That would be really great and save my day😀 Thank you very much in advance