Header and Body not aligning in List View when Printed/Exported to PDF

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We have created a list view, and the view re-sizes and the header and body of the table align perfectly on the computer screen. However, when the view is printed or exported to PDF, the column headers no longer align with the body of the table. The headers of the column do not re-size with the body of the list. Please see the attached PDF. The PDF shows how the list view prints as well as exports to PDF. Please let me know how we can ensure the columns align when printed or export to PDF. View is the same whether it is done in Chrome or IE.


The issue is related to the size of the Form and how the PDF Create control work together. There are some recommended sizes for each of the PDF page sizes. 100% width is too large for the PDF page size we had been using. Also, a rule was resizing the PDF.


We were able to solve the issue during our live meeting by checking the Save as PDF rule and configuring it to use A2 page size. We also changed the width of the form to 1500px to make sure it fits on the A2 page size. I also changed this on the PDF create rule to make sure it rendered correctly.

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