Form update pushed to all users on Nintex mobile app

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Is there a way on Nintex mobile app to automatically push the update of a form to all users without having to ask them to keep pushing that refresh button, login/logout...etc ?

Some clients have expressed their concern that this doesn't comply with their internal processes.

Here is some of the comments I got: 

"The refresh functionality is somewhat of a concern.  Over the long term, we would want to be able to update the forms and have the new forms accessed without requiring user action.  Only having the most current version of forms available is an important part of our ISO processes."

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Hi Christine,

yes this is a known issue. But you're not alone and Nintex is having their hands on it.

It's currently marked as under review on uservoice which is a good sign that we'll see this coming to the product pretty soon:

Push new version of form to users – Customer Feedback for Nintex 

It's not help for now but I hope this is still some kind of help.

Best regards


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Hey ‌!

So, I won't repeat what ‌ said because he's right. 

Just another item you may not know about that is helpful if you run into it...

If the form is updated while the user has drafts, in the past, you wouldn't have been able to submit them. 

Now, if you update the form and try to submit and get an error about form versions, you can open the draft, scroll to the bottom, and find the little info.png button. If you click it, you will get an option to update the form to the newest one, and then you will be able to submit. 

In the past, the absence of this would've been a good reason to not have an auto-push ... but now that it's there, if they can automate that portion (matching versions for drafts), it seems plausible.



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Great, Thanks ‌ & ‌. I checked the user voice and I remembered I already gave this my 3 votes in the past. great to know that there is some progress on it, it has really become a concern because most of the users wouldn't think to refresh the form or go back to previous version..etc. Thanks again.