Digital Signature v4

  • 5 September 2018
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v4 is a bug fix for K2 Five based on V3 share by  @JPSwaynos in Digital Signature v3


Bug: Unable to get File output value.

Investigation: There is a change in SourceCode.Forms.AppFramework.Logging class in K2 Five.

Fix: Comment the logging line and output error in the form itself.


Build info

  • Tested on K2 Five (5.0001.1000.0)
  • Built with Visual Studio 2015

16 replies



Thanks for this however I cannot get this to install in my K2 Five environment.  Digital Signature does not show up in my controls in a view.


Found this  to assist me:



Got the same problem on K2 Five (5.2) FP17


SmartObject Import works but registering the dll fails.


Please help

Solved it finally!


The installation package had unresolved dependencies, therefore the dll could not be registered. I did compile the source code on one of our K2 Five (5.2) servers and the generated dll registered without errors.



Great!  If you could share any helpful screenshots that would be great.  Did you get the Digital Signature control to show up in 'my controls'?

Please find attached two screenshots.

We had the same issue. The DLL is missing 2 references to the following files. 

  • SourceCode.Forms.Controls.Web.SDK.dll 
  • SourceCode.Forms.Controls.Web.Shared.dll

If you include these two references and rebuild the solution than the correct dll is produced without errors. 

Does this control support touch screen functionality, either by finger or a stylus pen?


I've implemented the control and it all works fine apart from the fact that I am having difficulty using it on a touch screen monitor.



Works: IE v11 and Firefox ESR 60

Not working: Chrome and Edge


We are currently trying to rework this control

Thanks for your quick response.


Another query, how does one make this control read-only or disabled?


I am using the JSON approach and wanted to disable the control when reloading stored information.

Also, does the Digital Signature control work on the K2 Workspace mobile app, if so does it work in offline mode?


Great job by the way! Appears to be a very powerful control which we intend to utilise.

As soon as the user has "saved" his signature by pressing a button, we hide the signature control and copy the signature control's data into a datalabel to display it as readonly signature


Yes, it works in K2 Workspace mobile and and also in offline mode.

Digital signature might not responsive or freeze for few seconds on mobile when:

1. Digital Signature control added onto on a big size (complex ) smartform, as javascript need sometimes to load.


Work around :

1. Create view for signature pad ( just add signature control, save button and clear button)

2. On the main form, you can add label to show digital signature and a button called ( Sign here), this button will open View #1 above as a subview.  

3. Create a rule on main form to transfer data from subview to main form., execute this rule from main form when button save on subview click is executed.


4. On view#1 Close subview when Save button is executed






Any update on getting the touch screen functionality on stylus/finger for Chrome? I confirmed it does work with IE11 but I found other weird quirks with IE11 when used on a tablet.





hi  @tweinberger 

Any recent updates to the control? The issue with touch is still happening.



What would be best practice for storing a timestamp against a signature? I have tried something but I running into a slight issue, and might be going about it the wrong way.


I am collecting 5 signatures on a form, for each signature control there is a Clear Button and also a read only Calendar control.


There is only one button on the Form to Save.


Clicking Save will auto populate any calendar controls with today's date/time if a signature has been entered.


What is the best way to check if the digital signature control is not empty? I've tried 'If control does not have a value' and this does not seem to work correctly, I can see that if the signature is cleared, it is stored as '[]' in the database.


Should be I checking for this value? Or Is there a better way of doing this. Seems complicated, the route I am going down.


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When we sign the and click on save button it doesn't give any result in the offline mode.

can you please give some steps how to achieve the e sign functionality in offline mode.


Thanks in Advance.