Copy data from a list library to a document library

  • 12 December 2018
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Need some help with a time sensitive request.  I have a list library with a Nintex form.  The form is a questionnaire that a user fills out.  Once the form has been completed the user needs to be able to open a document (or template) with the data gathered and print this document.

I have a list library and a document library.  How do I copy the data from the list library to the document library?  My plan is to store the document template in the document library, copy over the data from the list library and open the document template that should have the questionnaire data populated.

Have and am trying to use Copy Item workflow, but keep getting this error:

"Workflow Status

The workflow could not copy the item. Make sure the source and destination lists have the same columns and column settings."

I have validated the list library and the document library have the same columns and column settings, but still get this error.

4 replies

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you can't copy information between Lists and Document Libraries as the content structure is completely different.

In SharePoint on prem you have two options to achieve your goal: Update Document action will fill out a template document prefilled with place holders of your questionaire and save it as a new document in the document library, where you can send it to your user.

You also can use the new document generation action which basically does the same but is a bit smarter regarding design and handling. This action accesses a cloud service while Update Document does require you to set up a Word Automation Service in your SharePoint environment if not already done.

Both approaches should fulfill your requirement.

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Because I am currently on version 3.1 the Update document and document generation actions are not available.  I will be upgrading to the most current workflow version after the first of the year.

In the end I used a workflow with "Create Item" action. 

In the document library I created exact columns which matched the columns from the list library where my input form resides. Those columns were then placed into a custom document template for the doc library.  The using the Create Item action in a workflow that is started when the user saves the form, the data from the List Library is added to the matching columns in the document library.  When the user opens the item, the document library uses the default document template and fills in the data.

Hopefully that makes sense.

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Hi Sean,

update document action is one of the basic actions of Nintex Workflow and should also be implemented in the 3.1 versions. Maybe it hasn't been activated as allowed action in central administration?

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It looks like I’m having this issue too.

action Update document has two required fields, Source URL and Output URL.

Sourcel URL = Document Library A where the document generation workflow begins and references the respective columns against their Quick Part equivalents in Word (where my issues differ slightly from original poster)

Output URL = Document Library B where I want the generate document to land but all the field values are stripped from Word when the document populated in Document Library B.

I’m not sure what to do with the fields Content Control Title and Value