Calling a SOAP web service

  • 23 February 2017
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I am trying to call a SOAP web service from with a Nintex (2013) workflow,  There are several tutorials available, none of which seem to work.  Can you please assist me with the steps, correct Workflow Action and placement of attributes?  I would appreciate any assistance.   Thank you

5 replies

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What specifically do you want to do?

I find this a very useful resource:

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Our company has a standard service call to our EmployeeData.  In SOAP, when I enter an associate's logon the web service brings back the associates stats (i.e., ID, Mgr, Preferred Name, MailCode, etc.).  I am trying to retrieve some of the data elements and store the data in a list library. 

Maybe I'm asking the wrong question; where do I place the .wsdl address and the endpoint information?

Please see screen shots attached.

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Thank you for the link.  I have tried this tutorial and it did not seem to address my confusion.  I will try again now that I have spent more time attempting to understand this issue.

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OK keep us posted where you get to - add some screenshots and we will help where we can happy.png

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I have attached a few screen shots and will supply you more as you need.    I am trying to call a .wsdl that invokes a SOAP service.  I need to pass to the service 1 variable (EmployeeLogon) and post 2 of the returned values to the list.  I can call the .wsdl and return the shell of the SOAP call, but I can't seem to call the specific Operation "GetEmployeesByLogon."

This is the Web Request.  The URL is the address to the .wsdl.  The Soap Action is the EndPoint.
This is the Wrokflow structure.  Mimicing the originally recommended tutorial.

This is the email sent, show the results of the Web Request.