"Access denied" when adding SharePoint 2013 URL in the Object Browser.

  • 4 December 2015
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When adding a new SharePoint URL in the Object Browser, we see the following error: "Access denied to the SharePoint Site, ensure that the minimum permissions are assigned."


The SharePoint site that we browsed to, was a SP2013 site. Because SP2010 and SP2013 are so different, we had to find a new way to interact with SP2013. Because of that the SP2010 node in the Object browser, will not work for SP2013. (A feature request has been logged to update the name to reflect that you can only browser to SP2010 sites in the object browser.)


Because SP2013 and SP2010 differs so much, calling the SP2010 methods to connect to a SP2013 site, is going to fail. (This is expected behavior.) Please make sure that SP2013 is "app ready" and install the K2 for SharePoint 2013 component in your environment.


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