Access Denied to K2 Management

  • 28 March 2016
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When attempting to access the K2 Appit for SharePoint production server K2 Management section using a specific account the following error occurs:

"Access Denied

The K2 Management site is used to configure and administer K2 server, workflow and SmartObject settings. You must have Admin privileges to access this site. Contact you K2 server administrator if you need rights to administer K2."

This error occurs even though user rights were applied to K2 Management on the development server.


The reason that the user account in this case could not open K2 management, even though they had been applied to the development server, is their account had not been applied to the production server which is a different server to apply user rights to altogether.



To resolve this issue the following documentation was followed: rights appit

After the user was applied to the Server Rights section of K2 Management the user was able to access this resource on the production server.


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