Upgrade Center Coaching Session Q&A - October 2021

  • 29 October 2021
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Upgrade Center Coaching Session
Topic: Upgrading O365 workflows that contain tasks
Date: October 2021


Here are the questions and answers discussed during this coaching session:


We have processes where sometimes it is necessary for someone to intervene when a task assignee hasn't responded to a task. Administrators in NWC can override tasks in this type of scenario, however, we may not want to assign a lot of users as administrators for security reasons. Is it recommended that we use the escalation option to assign a task to another user if the original assignee doesn't respond?
Yes, escalation is a perfect way to handle these situations. Another option could be to allow the original task assignee to delegate the task. Task delegation functionality is on the roadmap for NWC and will allow users to delegate tasks in My Nintex or on the tasks page. In the meantime, you could add 'Delegate' as an outcome on the task. Then you could add a control on the task form to allow the user to specify who the task should be delegated to. Logic in the workflow could reassign the task to the delegated assignee if the 'Delegate' outcome was selected.


If we set up single sign-on, will we have the ability to assign a task to anyone in our organization, even if we haven't specifically assigned them a role in NWC?
If you have configured identity federation using Azure Active Directory, you can configure User directory lookup in settings. This will allow you to select a user from Azure Active Directory in the task assignee field.

If we decide not to set up identity federation and disable authentication on tasks instead, the users wouldn't have access to the My Nintex dashboard to see their tasks, correct?
That is correct, users need to have a participant role in order to access My Nintex. When identity federation is configured, users will automatically be assigned a participant role the first time they respond to an authenticated task or log into NWC.


In Nintex for SharePoint on-prem, we have several different task actions available like request data and flexi-task. Is it correct that in the cloud, there are only 2 task actions available?
Correct, in Nintex for Office 365 and NWC there are 2 task actions available. Assign a task and Assign a task to multiple users in NWC or Start a task process in O365.


If the type of task action we want to use is not available in NWC, could we use Xtensions to create a custom task action?
You could potentially create a custom task using Xtensions, but consider that as a last resort after fully exploring all of the options that are available in NWC. There may just be a different way to accomplish the same thing in NWC.

Can we assign tasks to users outside the NWC Tenant?
Yes, you can disable authentication on your tasks. This will allow anyone with access to the task from url to complete the task without having to log in.


When using form based tasks, the task notification automatically has text at the bottom of the body. Can we change this text or remove it?
You can disable the footer text in the task configuration to remove the automatic text at the bottom of the message body.

Is it possible to use lookup columns on the task form with a default value?
It is possible to use a data lookup control on your task form to accomplish similar functionality to lookup columns in SharePoint. At this time, it is not possible to set a default value on a data lookup control.

The cancellation notification is not available in NWC, how will task assignees know if someone else has completed a task?
Correct, cancellation notifications are not available in NWC. Task assignees can view their active/completed task assignments in My Nintex. If the task has multiple assignees, users can see the other assignees in My Nintex by clicking on 'Multiple assignees' in the task details.

Is there a way to change the language on the "Task completed" page that is displayed when a user completes a task?
There isn't a way to change the language of the default success page, however, you can redirect users to a specific url upon task completion. In your task form, configure the action panel, where the submit button is located. Use the 'On form submission' setting to specify where to redirect users upon submission. You can even use a variable to make the redirect url dynamic to account for different languages.

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