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dMAX AP Automation for Nintex Workflow and Forms

The dMAX AP Automation Platform for Nintex Workflow and Forms helps small and large organizations to automate the scanning, indexing, approval and entry of vendor invoices. 

AuthorKeith Johnson
Long DescriptionGoing paperless and increasing processing efficiency are easy to achieve with the dMAX platform. Pre-configured document libraries, content types and document processing stages allow you to get started in hours, not weeks. Pre-built Nintex Workflows handle common tasks like EDI Export to your accounting system (CSV/Tab/XML/more), Invoice Routing/Approval based on approvers and limits, archive workflows and site cleanup. Custom Nintex Form controls allow you to embed and view any type of document inside an approval form, with full support for data driven GL Coding/Account distribution.

Requires a dMAX account. More information can be found by visiting

Support InfoEmail inquiries to or call 678-701-9560 press 1 for sales

Nintex Workflow

Nintex Forms


SharePoint Server 2013

SharePoint Server 2016

Office 365



Image Editing

Data Driven

Additional Information

Key Benefits:
  • Get rid of inefficient paper-based business processes
  • Save on document shipping charges from remote offices
  • Electronic documents allow AP resources to work from anywhere
  • Automatic Document Recognition saves AP resource keystrokes and reduces data entry errors* (optional feature)
  • Dynamic integration with your Accounting/ERP system allows you to instantly flag duplicates and ensure transactions are correctly linked
  • Fast processing = faster payment = possible discounts or early pay benefits
  • Tracking and tracing history logs make it easy to see where an invoice is at any time
  • Code invoices across multiple organizations or locations without having to log in/log out of Intacct instance
  • Divide invoices into work queues for large AP organizations (Liquor, Food, Regional, Supplies, etc)
  • Flag transactions for end of year 'use tax' processing
  • Easy/efficient audits, easy to recall one or thousands of documents matching certain criteria

Key Features:

  • Scan/Add Invoices from Multi-Function Copiers, Scanners, Emails or Electronic Files
  • Rearrange/Add/Delete/Annotate Pages (PDF Editing in SharePoint!)
  • Automatically recognize vendor invoices and extract invoice information
  • Type-Ahead and Lookup fields use your accounting/ERP data to make indexing fast and easy
  • Auto-coding or Intelligent-coding based on location and/or vendor
  • GL Coding based on Intacct data and coding rules for locations
  • Rule-based or manual routed invoice approvals via desktop or mobile devices
  • Invoice transactions can be automatically delivered directly to your accounting/ERP for import
  • All supporting documents/PDF's archived and searchable for future recall/audits
  • SharePoint libraries, lists, and content types preconfigured
  • History roll-up across all workflows, SharePoint version tracking, and dMAX audit history
  • Templates for Nintex Workflow for most common Accounts Payable automation
  • Templates for Nintex Forms for approval and distribute GL coding
  • dMAX handles the high-level document flow allowing you to design powerful individual Nintex Workflows without relying on master workflows, complicated state machines or issues with versioning/restarting workflows when changes are made.
  • Workflow constants used to allow AP to easily update most configurations without republishing workflows

Nintex Xchange Terms of Use Policy

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