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Trigger a Nintex Workflow from Salesforce w/ Zapier

Initiate a Nintex workflow when a new account is created in Salesforce and pass information back to the workflow.

AuthorEric Harris
Long Description

The goal of this asset is to help you connect an on-premises Nintex Workflow to an outside event to be triggered to kick off the workflow, starting an internal process. This functionality leverages the external start feature available in Nintex Workflow for SharePoint 2013/2016

Click here to use this Zap

When using this Zap, be sure to setup your workflow with the correct start variable parameters to receive the information from the Salesforce Zap.  The below is an example of what a basic set of workflow variables look like. Note these are start variables. 

Be sure to name your variables well as they will show up when you go to use them with the Nintex Zap.

  • External Start Feature Activated
  • Site Workflows
  • Salesfoce Account 
Support Info

Eric Harris | Eric Harris


Nintex Workflow 2013

Nintex Workflow 2016


SharePoint Server 2013

SharePoint Server 2016


Additional Information

Externally start Nintex workflows in seconds with Zapier! 

Click here to use this Zap - you can download the Site Workflow as a example to see how this zap could work. It simply asks for an email which will then email you once the Zap is triggered.

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