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Workflow Taking Extended Period of Time to Run

Workflows are taking an extensive period of time to run. Pause actions specifically are taking extremely long time to execute.
Long workflow execution, specifically long Pause action execution, can often result from environmental issues (such as large Workflow History lists, and a large dbo.WorkflowProgress tables within the Nintex Content database) slowing the Workflow Timer Job execution. To determine if workflow execution is being stalled due to Nintex environmental issues, follow the steps below:
  • Navigate to http://SiteName/Lists/NintexWorkflowHistory and check how many items are present.
    1. This list follows SharePoint limitations on list sizes (typically anything more than a few thousand entries will cause problems).
    2. If there are a fairly large amount of items in this list, purge some of these items to prevent timeout issues at runtime.
    Run the NWAdmin operation ‘PurgeHistoryListData’. For more information about the commands, see the NWAdmin operations guide: 
  • Check the dbo.WorkflowProgress table in the Nintex Content database associated with the SharePoint site via SQL Management Studio. If there is large amount of data in this table (8,000,000-15,000,000~ rows), purge some of the data from the database to prevent SQL from timing out at runtime. Run the NWAdmin operation ‘PurgeWorkflowData’ to accomplish this. Perform these actions during a maintenance window or off-peak time as they will place locks on the workflow progress table and can affect running and new workflows. 
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