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Nintex Newbie

When emailing form I am getting symbols

I am using IE 11 or Chrome and I use the "Send Page by email" instead of getting the Nintex form I am looking for I get a bunch of symbols in the body of the email. This is using SharePoint 2013.

We did not have this issue with SharePoint 2007, however, we were not using Nintex forms in SP 2007. I have researched the web and have not come across a fix for this, any ideas?

I have attached a file to show what is in the body of the email.

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: When emailing form I am getting symbols

I'm affraid you can't do much with that. It' how sharepoint manages icons. it places set of icon into single file and them cuts off just a small piece of it for single icon.

when you export it mail whole file has to be taken, but mail clients are not aware of that and shows whole file.

I'd recommend to use some virtual printer driver, that is capable to print to pdf or some image format.

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