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Workflow Hero

Saving Images in a List Item Text Box from a Nintex Form?

Recently, I've been using a Nintex Form with a Rich Textbox for text and images on SharePoint 2013.

I've noticed if the names of the images I upload are the same as others I have uploaded, they will overlay the other.

As an example, I've been converting some PowerPoint files to individual png files. The extract into separate directories for each conversion. The files are labeled Slide1.png, Slide2.png, etc. These files are in separate directories but their names are identical. When I uploaded Slide2.png to a list item text box in the editor, it overlayed the original image in another list item.

Is this a Nintex Naming quirk or is it a SharePoint Quirk?  I found where the images are saved in SharePoint under SiteAssets/Lists/{ListName}/EditForm.

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