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What are these services. Should they be running on every server? We have two front-end and two app servers. We are using Nintex live forms, but not Nintex live mobile.


Nintex Live Forms Online Service

Nintex Live Relay Service

Nintex Live Workflow Queue Service

Nintex Live Workflow Service

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Workflow Hero

Re: Nintex

I have the same question. According to the documentation, it says that at least 3 of them need to be running, but it doesn't differentiate between the server roles. The below excerpt seems to say that these two need to be on all of the servers in the farm. The Nintex Live Workflow Queue Service is still set to disabled on all the servers, though, and I cannot get it to start. I get the error "Error 1: Incorrect Function".......very descriptive.


Manually install or upgrade the Nintex Live Workflow Queue Service and

Nintex Workflow Start Service on each server in the farm using the following procedure.

1. In SharePoint Management Shell, run the following script for the

Nintex Live Workflow Queue Service:

$path =


Nintex.Workflow.Live.QueueService.exe", 15)

$serviceName = "Nintex Live Workflow Queue Service"

New-Service -Name $serviceName -DisplayName $serviceName -BinaryPathName $path

2. In SharePoint Management Shell, run the following script for the

Nintex Workflow Start Service:

$path =


Nintex.Workflow.Start.Service.exe", 15)

$serviceName = "Nintex Workflow Start Service"

New-Service -Name $serviceName -DisplayName $serviceName -BinaryPathName $path

3. Run the IISReset command and restart the SharePoint Timer Service.

4. To start the service on the current server, do the following:

a. On the Central Administration Home page, click Application Management.

b. In the Service Applications section, click Manage services on server.

c. On the Services on Server page, select the desired server.

d. Click Start for Nintex Live Workflow Queue Service.

e. Click Start for Nintex Workflow Start Service.

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