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Nintex Forms with Content Organizer

I'm looking to implement the content organizer for a certain section of our site and have run into a bit of a problem.  First off, I enabled the content organizer and configured it to use three custom content types that I created with rules to route each content type to it's own document library.  I tested it and everything works great.  That is to say I go to the Drop Off Library, click on new document, upload the file and then get the SharePoint form were I can select the document type and the fill out the necessary fields associated with that document type, save it and it instantly moves the document to the proper document library.

Now I'm thinking this is great but want to provide a richer form for the users with some additional instructions.  Nintex forms are the perfect solution to this.  Next, using Nintex forms I created custom forms for each of the Content Types in the Drop Off Library.  I tested it and the Nintex form I created pops up once I've added a new document to the Drop Off Library but the first problem I noticed is there is no way to specify what content type was uploaded.  No problem, I simply modified the Nintex form I created for each content type and added a Change Content Type control to each.  Now after I've uploaded a document I'm able to specify and switch the content type which switches to the appropriate Nintex form I created...Great, problem fixed.  This is where I run into my final problem, after I specify the content type, complete the Nintex form I created for that content type in the Drop Off Library and save it I see the new document in the Drop Off Library.  Everything seems fine, no complaints from SharePoint and the document is saved and checked in.  The problem I'm having is that none of the rules I created to route the document are working and I can't figure it out.  The uploaded document just sits in the Drop Off Library.  If I simply remove the Nintex forms and try again then everything works as before and documents are routed as per the specified rules.  The rules are very basic and just move the document to a library based off the custom content type of the document.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem were the content organizer rules were not working when they used custom Nintex forms in the Drop Off Library?  I'm sure I'm missing something but just can't figure it out.

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