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Nintex Newbie

Hanging Flexitask Status

Hi all,
I have Nintex Workflow Task Issue, I wonder if anybody can help.
A Standard Workflow Starts and creates Tasks for four persons, when one of the Tasks closes all other Tasks will be closed as well (100% closed for the Person who closes the Task and all other with 0% closed) and a mail will notify ‘no action is required’ That is the normal case and it works almost all the time.
The Problem is, every then in a while one (or many) Tasks although notification has been sent, the task will not be closed (Task status ‘not started’) although the Workflow is not running anymore….
I have tried the Tasks to close (using ‘ProcessTaskResponse3’) I get ‘InvalidUser’ back. ‘ProcessTaskResponse2’ and Update List Item does not work as well.
Does anybody have a hint for me or did come across this behavior? Or should I just delete the Task?

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