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Call root site workflow from reuseable workflow

Is it possible to start a site workflow which only exists in the root site from a site collection reusable workflow?


To be more specific, I created a site collection reusable workflow and associated it to each activity calendar list within the web application. Wherever someone creates an activity item, the workflow does an approval check and additional I want it to send a notification when the end time passes.


To send a notification when the end time passes, it is not recommended to use the “pause until” block. Therefor I created a second notification workflow in the root site and put a “start workflow” block in the site collection reusable workflow.

The notification workflow is not triggered when an activity item is created on a sub site. It only works from the root site. I think the reusable workflow tries to find the notification workflow within the current web.


It would save me a lot of time to call the notification workflow from the root site. Hopefully it is possible.


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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Call root site workflow from reuseable workflow



My testing confirms what you have found and that is that the Site Collection Reusable workflow seems to be looking for the site workflow in the current site.

I was able to acheive your solution using a Call Web Service action and the Nintex Workflow web service to start the workflow in the root site.


SDK documentation for the webservice and StartSiteWorkflow method:




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