Nintex Form: Repeating Section Person error after SharePoint 365 migration

I'm preparing for migration of an SharePoint list from on-premises to SharePoint 365.  The list includes a Nintex form with a repeating section.  The repeating section includes a Person column.

In a test migration, the internal format of the person field changes (which makes sense since it's switching from the intranet to Microsoft's servers).  The IDs are update to any standalone Person fields in the list, but not the Person column within the repeating section, which from SharePoint's perspective is just a long text field that happens to hold XML data.

When attempting to view any migrated list item that includes a person in the repeating section, the form fails to load and gives the error message:

Index was outside the bounds of the array.
If the problem persists, contact your support team with the following information:


Followed by Correlation ID, Tenant ID, and timestamp.


This error doesn't happen with newly-created People in the repeating section, since they are created with the new Microsoft user IDs.

Is there a known way to get all these user IDs updated?

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