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Workflows triggering on wrong lists

I have 2 lists in same site, listA and listB. listA has a wf named "workflowA"(original wf). I exported workflowA , imported it to listB(which is in same site). I named the new wf of listB as "workflowB"(imported wf).

Now when I create item in listB , workflowA(original wf) also gets triggered. Ideally on workflowB(importedwf) shoud have triggered. "workflowA" is nowhere connected to listB.


If we export and import workflow to same site but different lists, will it create any issue?

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Re: Workflows triggering on wrong lists

I'm experiencing the same thing. when i look at the workflow history of the one i imported it shows that the workflow i used to export also ran. I exported the new workflow and i noticed that the file contains the name of the workflow of the workflow I used in the original export. Did you receive a resolution for this?

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