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Set PeoplePicker auto-populated, read-only in a repeating section

I have a repeating section.  It contains a people picker.  The field is auto-populated with current user and cannot be edited.


1. I used the people picker control and set the default value to 'Current User'.  It worked fine except I couldn't make it read only.

--I tried to 1) set the mode to 'display' and 2) set the appearence to 'disabled'.  None of them can save the data to the sharepoint list.

--I tied to use javascript to set its 'readonly' attribute to true .attr("readonly", true), but I had difficulty to code the selector. the control is in a repeating section, I tried ID, client ID and class and none of them worked.


2. I then removed the people picker and used the calculated field control.  It only populated the first item. When I repeatedly add more items, they all empty.


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