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Prepopulating a list B new item form with value from list A view form

I'm new to forms but hoping someone will be able to give me a pointer on how to achieve this.

SP16 on prem, no farm access.

List A is a list of job vacancies.

List B is a secondary secured list to track applications (List A is open and can't contain the more sensitive application details).

Items in List A expire after two weeks and List B has a lookup column to only show the active vacancies in List A.

There is a button on the page holding the webpart, this link is to the new form on list B that shows the active vacancies in a dropdown.


What I'd like to do is have a button on the List A view form that links to a new item form in List B with the current item preselected in an input.

So rather than a user having to view the List A item, close it, click the apply button, then find the item to select to apply for; they can hit an "Apply for this item" button and go to a form with the ID already there.

Hope that was clear 🙂

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