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Onclick Button - Resubmit

We are developing a form for our client.  One of the requirements is to have a "resubmit" button so when the user corrects the errors the original entry can be referenced.  I set up the form to display Resubmit form instead of Submit for, but OnClick I keep getting an error when I try to use javascipt.  Is it possible to do this? 

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Automation Master

Re: Onclick Button - Resubmit

It's not obvious as to what you're really trying to accomplish based on the description you have given. 


  • What JavaScript do you have running? 
  • *How* are you trying to retain these References?
  • What does a Resubmission mean in the greater context of your environment? 
    • Are people using the info provided on this form to inform their work elsewhere in the company?

Without any additional details it's impossible to provide any useful information for you. 

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