How to re-build a list that contains raw "person or group" data with "display name"

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I am trying to send out a weekly calendar notification to a few emails every Monday. The email will just list the names of the people who are on vacation for the week. I am able to query the list from Monday-Friday only, but my problem is that the query returns a list of names in their raw "person or group" form. So I get a ";" delimited list of people that looks like: 


i0#.t|ttc\person1;i0#.t|ttc\person2;i0#.t|ttc\person3  etc...


Normally, to display the persons name without all the junk, I would set a new "person or group" variable equal to the list variable and choose "display name", but in this case there are many names. 


My first idea was to loop through this list and at every index set a variable to be the display name of the current index but I have not had any luck with this. 


Any ideas would be amazing!


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Re: How to re-build a list that contains raw "person or group" data with "display nam

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Easiest way would be to pull the names out of the collection and add them to another collection as their Display name.


Workflow would look like this:



Feed your collection variable from the query into the for each action to extract each claims account.


Add the result into another collection variable as Display Name:

CO - Internet Explorer.png


Now you will have a collection that has the display names instead.

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