How to get * on a comments section label in Nintex Flexi Task

I Have a Nintex Flexi Task which has approve and Reject options and I am using Nintex Forms , I want the * symbol next to the comments label as i have already made the Comments field mandatory using the Validation Rule isNullOrEmpty({Self}). The comments are stored in a variable i have created and are updated in the List. In the List settings I have marked the "it contains Data" for Comments filed as Yes.


Please help me out any leads appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Re: How to get * on a comments section label in Nintex Flexi Task

@Sachzz need to do that and also no need to apply validation rules. Simply go to your flexi task configuration. In Outcomes' section, you will see edit window next to each outcomes, click that and you will see Comments with a drop down...change it to Required.


If you want comments required when rejecting only then modify it made it required and if you want comments optional or don't care when approving then keep optional or change it to none.


With above changes your approvers when approves the won't prompt to provide comments but if they reject it won't allow to save it if comment is empty. Similar to your validation rule.

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