Flexi task: approver got a "not required" task assigned initially

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We have found an issue which I cannot explain and want to ask out there if someone has already faced it and if there is an explanation for this weird behavior.


The story is about a state machine with a state in focus, doing not too much: setting a property of the item where the workflow is running on and assigning an approval flexi task with two outcomes to two recipients. The first one has delegated the task to someone else who has approved.

The other one was assigned, but with outcome "Not Required" initially, which I found out using history on the task. The user is saying to not have received a task notification. It was also interesting that the workflow instance was still waiting on the flexi task action.


How can this happen?

We have SP2013 on-prem with Nintex Workflow 2013 (v3.5.1.10).

After restarting the workflow same both users has received the pending task. Both users have same permissions provided by the same SP group.

It seems we have resolved the issue for this instance, but I would like to know the reason and if there is a possibility to prevent it for the future.



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