Error When Publishing Workflow in a web app


I receive this error when trying to publish a workflow in a specific web app. Other web apps on the same server work fine. This was a test workflow with one action - log to the history list. 

I did see that someone suggested a solution but received the Access denied message when trying to view it.

I've tried the following:

- deactivate/reactivate the app feature in CA

- made sure the same features were active in the site the publish failed that were activated in the site that the publish works.

- confirmed that no site collection in this web app works correctly. 

- The web.config for both web apps (the one that works and the one that does not) seem to have the same entries for the Nintex features.

- saw in another forum that some suggested I upgrade the nintex forms with this command:



My question is this - outside of completely removing the features and reinstalling them, what else can I check?

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